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Why Get a Will?

These are our top 5 reasons why you need to get Will.

1. You Decide Who Gets Your Property – Not Someone Else

Having a Will let’s you control who gets your money, property and assets.

If you die without a Will, your property is divided in a default way as determined by the Government.

This default manner of dividing the property of someone without a Will can lead to some unfair outcomes, or the wrong people can get your assets.

2. Protect Your Children Who are Under 18

If you have a child under 18 years of age, a Will is absolutely vital to ensure they are taken care of.

A Will allows you to nominate a guardian to take care of your children if anything happens to you.

You can also decide who manages your children’s inheritance while they’re under-age, so it’s not squandered before they become adults.

3. Without A Will, Your Spouse Might Be Kicked out of the Family Home

If someone dies without a Will, the default manner of dividing their property might lead to a situation where the assets are split between the children and the spouse/partner.

This may give the children the power to kick the wife, husband or de facto partner from the family home! Having a Will stops this by overriding this default property division.

4. If you’re Separated from Your Spouse You Need A Will

If you don’t have a Will, and you’re separated (but not divorced) from your spouse, then if something happens to you, your spouse could get your assets by default (even though you’re separated). A Will stops that from happening.

5. A Will Makes It Easier and Cheaper For Your Family

It costs a lot less to sort out your affairs if you die with a Will, compared to without one.

Without a Will, there can be more complicated legal steps needed for your family to access their inheritance, such as getting a guarantee or financial bond. This can be difficult to organise. With a Will – you don’t need that.

Why Do I Need aWill?

If you don’t create a Will, your assets might go to people you don’t want getting it
A Will let’s you decide how your hard-earned assets are divided upon death
You can nominate a legal guardian to look after your children if you pass before they're 18
You can let your family know of your funeral wishes
If you're separated from your partner, you can make sure they don't get your assets by default
It's easier and cheaper for your family to sort out your affairs if you have a Will
Decide who cares for your beloved pets

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