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Apply for Letters of Administration. Suitable if the deceased died without a valid Will. Closest family members apply.



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Suitable if the deceased created a valid Will and the executors (either the primary or the backup) are able to assist in finalising the estate.

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Estates Plus is operated by the law firm, MKI Legal, so you can trust that a lawyer will be involved in the process to ensure everything is done correctly. 

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We guarantee that your probate or letters of administration documents will be correctly prepared based on the information you provide.

We will give a full money refund should it turn out that Estates Plus is not suitable for your circumstances, provided our documents are not lodged with the court. 

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If someone dies without a will, their assets will be divided among the family in a default manner set by law  (known as the rules of intestacy). 



Usually the closest family members (1 or 2 is enough) apply to the court for letters of administration.



Letters of administration allows the family access to the deceased’s assets and get information from any organisation (a super fund, ATO, bank etc) about the deceased’s affairs.



After letters of administration is obtained, you can then start the process of distributing the deceased’s assets to the surviving family.



Get in touch for Free Information about how the assets will be divided between the living family members.

If you are an executor of a Will, then you’ll need to apply for probate to get access to the deceased’s assets.

With Estates Plus, you can save 80% in legal fees. Estates Plus is the most affordable way to get your documents professionally prepared by a lawyer in WA and NSW. 

We charge a flat fee to prepare letters of administration or probate documents. Visit our pricing page.

Once the documents are prepared, you lodge it with court. The court will charge a filing fee.

Yes, once you get the grant documents (e.g probate or letters of administration), you have the right to be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses such as our fees and the court filing fees.


Estates Plus can have your documents prepared within 2 to 5 business days after getting all the information from you.


Once the documents are lodged with the Court, it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks for the Court to review and approve your documents.


These time frames are estimates and there could be delays depending on how busy the court is and if the court has  further questions (called requisitions).

Yes. Once you have approved the final version of the documents, we can post them to you (at no further charge).

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